quinta-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2011

Letter to Santa

"I'm drinking Jack all alone in my local bar"

I can still hear the wind whistle in my ear.
Been trying to figure out the words that he's been trying to tell me
At first, i couldn't believe what i thought i heard
And I reckon that it is my curse to live with.
Regret, anger, frustration for some things I've made
I know there's no running away, I'll have to live with it
Many years have gone by, and it still lingers in my head
The guilt, for being weak when I shouldn't
And for pretending I was strong when I wasn't
Every day, whether I'm alone or not
The wind still talks to me.
Though i can't seem to capture all of it
There's a sentence, that stands crystal clear on my mind
"I want you back" , thats what he whispers
So that I can't forget how weak I was
And for that, I'm sorry.

"How we're going to make it work when it hurts,
when you pick yourself up you get kicked to the dirt"

So Santa, I'm all out of Jack,
And all i want for Christmas, is another bottle :)